FHWA Approval of Architectural and Engineering (A&E) Consultants in a Management Support Role

FHWA – California Division would like to ‘highlight’ the approval action process in circumstances where a local public agency (LPA) elects to contract with an Architectural¬† and Engineers (A&E) consultant for professional services that include management activities.


Per the Stewardship and Oversight agreement between FHWA and Caltrans Рin all situations where the LPA solicits for hire A&E consultants to act in a management support role, FHWA must approve the contract prior to execution.  As noted in the Stewardship and Oversight Agreement the delegation of the approval of A&E consultants to act in management support role is not allowed.


Management support roles may include, but are not limited to:

  • Providing oversight of an element of highway program/function
  • Providing services on the behalf of the contracting agency
  • Providing oversight of a project or series of projects
  • Providing oversight of consultants and contractors on the behalf of the contracting agency

After approval by FHWA, Caltrans will provide oversight of solicitation documents as well as revised consultant contracts prior to execution between the LPA and the A&E consultants.


Guidance and procedures on submittal of consultants in a management role contracts for FHWA approval will be provided in a follow up Office Bulletin