Our Software

Diversity Compliance for the 21st Century

In 2017, after many years of implementing and supporting various supplier diversity software systems, GCAP set out to develop our own solution for tracking supplier diversity compliance. We wanted a system that we could proudly recommend to our clients that was intuitive, comprehensive, affordable, and most importantly provided accurate and properly calculated supplier diversity metrics.

Our team identified a local software development firm and began the journey of creating VantagePoint™. GCAP’s subject matter experts were intimately involved in the planning, designing, and testing of every piece of system functionality. Today, we are extremely proud of the platform's capabilities and the clients we support. We are dedicated to continually planning new features and developing enhanced solutions, as well as supporting client needs and ensuring all implementations are successful.

Key features of the software include:

  • Prime and sub vendor award tracking
  • Real-time diversity utilization monitoring
  • Multiple goal tracking (D/S/M/W/L/E/DVBE)
  • Dynamic reporting
  • Key metric dashboards
  • Automated notifications
  • Document upload
  • Distinct user roles and permissions

 For more information about the software or to schedule a demonstration, please check out the VantagePoint website.

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