DGS FY 2015 – 16 Consolidated Annual Report

The Department of General Services (DGS) is pleased to announce the release of the 2015 –16 Consolidated Annual Report (CAR).  Public Contract Code (PCC) §  10111 requires DGS to publish an annual statewide contracting activity report that consolidates reports submitted by state agencies/departments on:

  • Small business (SB), Microbusiness (MB), and DVBE participation
  • Consulting Services
  • SB/DVBE Option and DVBE Incentive
  • Ethnicity, Race, Gender and Sexual Orientation (ERGSO) data


In addition, Government Code (GC) § 14838.1(f) requires DGS to prepare the statewide report for all contracting activity funded by the Infrastructure Bond Acts of 2006.


The 2015-16 CAR is available on DGS’ website at:     http://www.dgs.ca.gov/pd/Programs/OSDS/ContractReporting.aspx


For questions about the 2015-16 CAR, please contact:


DGS Office of Small Business and DVBE Services

(916) 375-4937