FTA Recipient Reporting Requirements

Recipient Reporting Requirements – Tasks Launch for FFR, MPR, and DBE Reports


This is a friendly reminder that on Friday, April 1 TrAMS will launch tasks that allows users to complete their monthly or quarterly Federal Financial Reports (FFR), monthly or quarterly Milestone Progress Reports (MPR) and semi-annual Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) reports.  Each task has an associated email that will go to FFR Reporter, MPR Reporting, and Civil Rights user roles. You may receive a large number of emails if you have a number of awards and/or multiple user roles.


If you receive this task but do not have the applicable responsibility, please contact your agency’s User Manager to adjust your role. Similarly, contact your User Manager if you expected to receive the task, but did not.  If your agency lacks a User Manager, please coordinate with your FTA Local Security Manager to establish one.


User Resources:


Preparing your report:


  1. FFR/MPRs for quarterly reporters: information should include cumulative Q1 and Q2 items. This is to catch up during the period between TEAM close and TrAMS deployment. You must submit your report to FTA by April 30.
  2. FFR/MPR for monthly reporters: this should be your second report in TrAMS.  If you did not submit your March monthly report, please use this opportunity to catch up your required reporting documentation. You must submit your monthly report to FTA by April 30.
  3. DBE Semi-annual Reports for the first half of FFY2016: reports must be submitted in the DBE reporting module of TrAMS no later than June 1st.  The Office of Civil Rights will follow up separately with guidance on addressing corrections or late submissions for DBE reports due December 1, 2015 and earlier.


The TrAMS help desk has received a number of requests from recipients or your regional point of contact to modify the reporting cycle (e.g. from annual to quarterly or vice versa); please be aware that the requested changes will be reflected in the next quarterly reporting cycle.



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