Celebrating 25 Years in Business

GCAP's Silver Jubilee

GCAP celebrated its 25th anniversary on November 2, 2022! It has been an amazing journey filled with great achievements and at times, challenges. However, through the years, GCAP has always overcome obstacles and successfully tackled new challenges.

The idea to form GCAP started when founder and President Ed Salcedo, was faced with a tough choice to either move his family out of state when the large, publicly traded company he worked at decided to move their headquarters to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, or find another job. The company had just finished a two-year initiative to implement new processes, systems, and practices to comply with government regulations. The initiative was named the Government Compliance Assistance Program (GCAP) and Ed was the Director of the Contract Compliance department that led the initiative. The initiative had a tremendous positive impact on how the company did work as a government contractor.

After carefully considering his options, Ed proposed to continue the work the GCAP initiative started by forming a separate company (subsidiary) called GCAP Services, Inc. On November 2, 1997, GCAP was formed and after several years, Ed was able to purchase the company he led.

Although GCAP focused on the same compliance services that were performed during the initiative phase, GCAP’s early years were ones that required some trial and error. Some of the work we took on helped shape who we are today. However, we also pursued work that was not in our wheelhouse and the results showed this. Being part of a large organization helped GCAP with its corporate infrastructure and ability to understand how larger organizations work and what they expect from subcontractors. However, being a small independent company allowed GCAP to become more flexible and make quick decisions. Thus, the mantra, “In the box accountability, out of the box creativity”.

From its early days, GCAP’s leaders focused on developing an ethical and trusting environment for clients and employees. For every project we started, we would ask ourselves “What value are we bringing this client?” We also learned that we could not be all things to all clients. We found that staying focused on compliance services was essential for us to scale our company. We had already established processes and practices to perform our work, but from the start, we looked at new ways for performing our work. We looked at new business models, partnering to allow us to capture larger projects, and innovative approaches that allowed us to bring new solutions to our clients. We added new compliance offerings to our portfolio, including supplier diversity programs, labor compliance, and recently, diversity, equity, and inclusion engagements. GCAP is now a leader in offering these and other compliance solutions. Being innovative remains a big part of who we are as a company. We have and continue to offer our clients and employees new ways of getting things done!

Although we continued to adopt new ways of delivering our work and pivot based on new opportunities or challenges, we always kept our bearings when it came to our values and culture. Because of this, we were able to attract great employees and have many repeat clients. We have always considered and treated our employees as our most important asset and because of this, our employees have been the primary reason for GCAP’s continued success and ability to become experts in delivering top-level compliance solutions.

This 25-year accomplishment marks the Silver Jubilee of GCAP. All the successes and changes we have made over the past 25 years came with great efforts, resulting in GCAP becoming a leader in the compliance service area. We have been able to achieve this through hard work, integrity, and focus on our customer service and employees. To all our employees, clients, partners, stakeholders, and friends, thank you for your continued partnership and commitment to GCAP.