SANDAG Bench Program Featured in American DBE Magazine

American DBE Magazine recently featured the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) Equity Plan and Bench program in an article highlighting how they have been able to engage more DBEs in public work:

For many Disadvantaged Business Enterprise firms, the most challenging part of gaining traction in the transportation industry is securing their first contract. The reason is the proverbial Catch-22; it takes prior experience to win a contract, but it is impossible to get experience until someone provides an opportunity. This situation can leave firms stuck on the outside trying to find a way in, and sometimes leads to DBEs seeking opportunities outside of the transportation sector to fulfil their business goals.

The San Diego Association of Governments is addressing this dilemma through a program designed to offer a streamlined path into public transportation opportunities; especially for DBEs providing professional services in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction Management fields. The SANDAG Bench Program was created in 2012 to provide DBEs greater opportunity to work on capital development projects.

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GCAP Services, Inc. is proud to support the San Diego Association of Governments efforts in the DBE community.