DBE Gross Receipts Increased to $26.9M

The US Department of Transportation issued a ruling today that increases the DBE size standard to $26.29M, effective January 13, 2021, for FTA and FHWA funded projects.

The statutory gross receipts cap for certified DBEs specified in 49 CFR §26.65 is adjusted for inflation from $23.98 million to $26.29 million. This adjustment applies to the DBE program only.  If a firm’s gross receipts averaged over the firm’s previous three fiscal years exceeds $26.29 million, then it exceeds the small business size limit for participation in FHWA and FTA-assisted work under the Department’s DBE program. A DBE firm must still meet the size standard(s) appropriate to the type(s) of work the firm seeks to perform in DOT-assisted contracts. These standards vary by industry according to the NAICS code(s) defined by the Small Business Administration (SBA).

Read the entire rule change at: https://uscode.house.gov/statutes/pl/115/254.pdf