Caltrans LAPM 2017 Edition

Caltrans Division of Local Assistance is pleased to present the 2017 edition of the Local Assistance Procedures Manual (LAPM). This 2017 edition incorporates all updates, changes, Office Bulletins and Local Programs Procedures.
Beginning with this release, new editions of the LAPM will now be presented on an annual basis in January of each year. Each annual release will have the year in the footer and will reflect the current year. If it is absolutely necessary to make a change to the LAPM mid-year (such as a procedures change implemented by the Federal Highway Administration to take place by a certain date), local agencies will be informed by an Office Bulletin emailed to the Local Assistance Email Notification list. The affected pages will be updated in the next online LAPM edition (individual chapter and complete LAPM PDF) and will be indicated by a vertical bar in the margin.
It is the responsibility of the local agency to make sure they are using the latest procedures from the current year by referring to the online LAPM version only. Please also subscribe to the Division of Local Assistance Email Notification List ( to be informed of necessary changes and related important information.