Caltrans to Begin “Suspending” DBE Firms

Per the Caltrans website:

DBE regulation (49 CFR Part §26.88) grants certifying agencies, such as Caltrans, authority to suspend DBE firms. Events that can trigger suspension include; death or incarceration of the DBE owner, DBE failing to notify in writing of any material change or if a DBE fails to timely complete and return its Annual Affidavit of no change mailed to it by a certifying agency. Certifying agencies will be implementing this policy beginning September 1, 2015.

Note: Contractors are cautioned to verify the real-time DBE database prior to hiring DBE firms. A suspended firm will have a notation on its DBE profile.  While suspended, DBE firms may not be considered for contract goal on new contracts.  The decision to immediately suspend a DBE is not appealable to the US Department of Transportation.

The Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Database contains information on certified DBE firms and is updated daily.