About Us

GCAP Services, Inc. (GCAP) is a professional consulting firm founded in 1997. We have been delivering effective solutions for over 15 years. As an innovator in the public sector market, GCAP has delivered effective solutions using people, processes, and tools.

GCAP supports both the public and private sectors to deliver a wide range of practical, cost-effective solutions for business and administrative challenges. Our firm offers experienced consultants and technical experts in administration, process development and implementation, procurement, contract management services, labor compliance, DBE supportive services, contract performance audits, disparity studies, outreach, enterprise content management, system assessments, end user needs analysis, business and Community outreach, and training programs.

GCAP incorporates technology and best practices to deliver effective solutions to our clients.

GCAP is a small business certified by various agencies. We are certified as a DBE, MBE, and SBE firm.