Caltrans Local Assistance DBE Forms Revised

The following DBE forms for Local Assistance projects have been revised and posted on the Division of Local Assistance website.

  • Local Assistance Procedures Manual (LAPM) Exhibit 10-O1, Consultant Proposal DBE Commitment
  • LAPM Exhibit 10-O2, Consultant Contract DBE Commitment
  • LAPM Exhibit 15-G, Local Agency Bidder DBE Commitment (Construction Contracts)
  • LAPM Exhibit 17-F, Final Report-Utilization of Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE), First-Tier Subcontractors
  • LAPM Exhibit 17-O, Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE) Certification Status Change

If practical, these revised exhibits should be used to report DBE commitment and utilization on existing contracts. Use of these revised exhibits will be required on contracts advertised after September 1, 2015.