Business Process Outsourcing

GCAP can manage your back-office and front-office functions, to allow you to focus on the big picture of your business. Our experts will ensure your processes are in compliance with industry regulations and will bring technology solutions, proven processes, and best practices to every engagement. We give our clients peace of mind and ensure transparency into every process by encouraging communication, conducting quality assurance reviews, and providing comprehensive reporting. We understand that your operations are important to you. Therefore, our Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) approach incorporates careful selection of staff, risk mitigation, increased security, and continuous metrics monitoring.

Our Services:

  • Back office functions
    • Procurement
    • Contract Administration
    • Call Center Staffing and Support
    • Office Management
    • Document Management
  • Front office functions
    • Supplier Diversity certification processing
    • Training
    • Marketing
    • Outreach



Key Projects:

  1. CPUC/B2GNow – Supplier Clearinghouse Certification Processing
  2. California Department of Fish and Wildlife – Contract and Grant Management Services