SANDAG – Compliance Information System Assessment, Implementation, & Support

Project Name: SANDAG – Compliance Information System (CIS) Assessment, Implementation, and Support

Project Background: San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) required a web-based Compliance Information System (CIS) to allow for the quick and easy communication, reporting, monitoring, and analysis of prime and subcontractor participation and payments.


GCAP’s Role: GCAP was selected to assist SANDAG in the assessment, implementation, and support of the CIS to track subcontractor participation on contracts. The CIS implementation process required assessments, planning, scheduling, change management, and training. As a result of the CIS implementation, SANDAG has eliminated significant paper files, made access more efficient, reduced time to generate reports by over 70%, and increased the accuracy of data reported to the SANDAG Board and Federal agencies. GCAP responsibilities included:


  • Developing requirements for USDOT and other SANDAG reporting.
  • Benchmarking off-the-shelf software applications.
  • Interviewing and selecting best value system.
  • Developing implementation project schedule to plan the work.
  • Migrating over 400 prime contracts and associated subcontractor data to the system.
    • Validating SANDAG’s contract data prior to data migration.
  • Working closely with internal Finance and IT Departments to develop and upload payment data queries to CIS.
  • Developing various ad hoc reports to allow stakeholders to obtain key information.
  • Developing a monthly performance report that summarizes over 10 reports and highlights important metrics for management.
  • Supporting the maintenance and quality assurance of data on the CIS.
  • Developing user manuals, training materials, and procedures for the system and conducting training workshops for both internal staff and external contractors.