Metrolink – DBE and Labor Compliance Monitoring Services

Project Name: Southern California Regional Rail Authority (SCRRA/Metrolink) – External DBE and LC Services

Project Description: Metrolink selected GCAP to provide on-call DBE and LC services

GCAP’s Role: GCAP provides comprehensive monitoring services including the following:

  • DBE Monitoring:
    • Monitoring monthly DBE participation
    • Verifying prompt payment
    • Evaluating DBE subcontractor substitutions
    • Reviewing prime contractor reports
    • Conducting CUF reviews
    • Developing contract-specific DBE goals
    • Conducting DBE compliance training workshops
    • Presenting DBE requirements at pre-proposal meetings and contract kick-off meetings
    • DBE reporting
  • LC Monitoring:
    • Presenting LC requirements at pre-proposal/pre-construction meetings
    • Responding to contractor LC questions
    • Performing monthly LC monitoring
    • Conducting LC audits as needed
    • Conducting jobsite interviews
    • Investigating LC discrepancies
    • LC Training
    • LC reporting