Long Beach Municipal Airport – Performance & Compliance Audit

Project Name: Long Beach Municipal Airport – Performance & Compliance Audit of Operating Agreement for Parking Facilities

Project Description: Long Beach Airport management decided to conduct a performance and compliance audit of their contract for operating city‐owned parking facilities and related services at the airport.

GCAP’s Role: As a subcontractor to BCA Watson Rice, LLP, GCAP was selected to perform this independent Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards (GAGAS) compliant audit of the City’s operating agreement for parking facilities at the Long Beach Airport. Our responsibilities included:

  • Evaluating whether current agreement terms including cost, quantity and quality of services provided, were competitive with current market conditions.
  • Auditing the operator’s performance and compliance with contract terms.
  • Auditing the effectiveness of the city’s contract administration responsibilities.
  • Developing contract enhancements for the City’s consideration in possible future solicitations for a Request for Proposal.