Los Angeles World Airports – Procurement Process Reengineering

Project Name: Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) – Procurement Process Reengineering

Project Background: With a large amount of capital improvement projects planned, LAWA elected to conduct a procurement process reengineering in order to enhance efficiency and effectiveness of operations and to increase the transparency of the procurement process.

GCAP’s Role: GCAP as a subcontractor on the Third Wave team assisted in the performance a comprehensive business process reengineering for LAWA’s procurement processes and delivered an implementation plan to LAWA’s Steering Committee. Our role included:

  • Performing a review of existing procurement procedures, policies, codes, and practices
  • Assisting with workflow sessions to document and validate the existing processes for each type of major procurement
  • Assembling relevant data from reviewing existing documents, workflow meetings, internal policies and procedures, procurement information systems, organization charts, and other documents
  • Conducting business process review sessions and developing “should-be” processes
  • Incorporating compliance requirements, best practices, and specific LAWA requirements into new processes
  • Assisting with developing a business improvement plan and identifying potential obstacles in its implementation