LA Metro – Small Business Compliance and Reporting System

Project Name: LA Metro – Small Business Compliance and Reporting System (SBCRS) Support

Project Background: Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s (LA Metro’s) Diversity & Economic Opportunity Department requested professional services for their on-line certification application system and their contract compliance system, both hosted by B2Gnow.

GCAP’s Role: GCAP was selected to provide professional services needed for the SBCRS and the on-line certification system. Our services included:

  • Assessing requirements and customizing B2GNow’s certification user manual for LA Metro’s clients. (These clients included new firms applying for DBE and SBE certification and existing certified firms that use the system for annual updates and requesting changes to their certification.)
  • Developing instructions for the DBE and SBE directory to be used by LA Metro’s procurement staff and the general public.
  • Creating custom reports.
  • Assisting with system configuration.
  • Developing rules and policies for data collection
  • Supporting LA Metro with system related issues.