Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority – Procurement Process and Staff Assessment

Project Name: Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (LA Metro) – Procurement Process and Staff Assessment

Project Background: LA Metro sought to conduct a comprehensive staff “needs assessment” in order to assess the office of procurement staff, organization, and work processes.

GCAP’s Role: GCAP was selected to perform a comprehensive procurement process evaluation and deliver a final report to the Chief Executive Officer. Our responsibilities included:

  • Gathering and analyzing relevant data from staff interviews, LA Metro audits, recommendations from prior consultants, internal policies and procedures, financial information systems, organization charts, and management action plans
  • Developing benchmark comparisons to similar agencies
  • Creating comprehensive staff evaluation program to test, evaluate, and measure the relevant education, experience, and knowledge of staff
  • Interviewing all 78 LA Metro contracting and procurement staff and their respective managers
  • Assessing the LA Metro purchasing procedures and systems of the 6 LA Metro contracts/procurement departments
  • Recommending a training program to address deficiencies and build on current strengths
  • Clarifying procurement roles and responsibilities and recommending necessary organizational changes
  • Delivering a final report with staff test results and rankings, department-wide assessment, organizational structure changes, and process and staff training recommendations