San Diego Association of Governments, Equity Action Plan Development

Project Name: San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG), Equity Action Plan (EAP) Development

Project Description: SANDAG sought a consultant  to provide independent advice, recommendations,  and guidance on the strategy and schedule for development of an Equity Action Plan.  SANDAG’s goal  was to create an atmosphere where employees and stakeholders could participate in all phases of the development of the Equity Action Plan and where all input was considered.

Project Role: GCAP developed SANDAG’s overall agency Equity Action Plan (EAP). The goal of the EAP  was to outline the organization’s commitment to addressing systemic racism in all its forms and to  establish a meaningful and relevant plan to guide SANDAG as it carries out its functions as an agency.  Developing the EAP included an assessment of current equity activities, surveying internal and external  stakeholders, conducting DEI workshops, developing recommendations, drafting the complete Equity  Action Plan, and creating performance monitoring metrics.