SANDAG – Gafcon – On-Call Consulting for LC, ECWP, and CBA

Project Name: San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) – Gafcon – On-Call Consulting Services for Labor Compliance (LC)  Consulting Services, Enforceable Community Workforce  Program (ECWP) Consulting  Services, and Community Benefit Agreement (CBA) Program Support Consulting Services

Project Description: SANDAG selected Gafcon as the prime contractor for their On-Call Consulting for the LC, ECWP, and CBE project.

GCAP’s Role: GCAP will provide comprehensive support and staffing for each of the three (3) program areas including but not limited to the following tasks:

  • Monitoring compliance with California Labor Code, the California Code of Regulations, Davis-Bacon and related acts
  • Ensuring proper labor compliance documentation and reporting mechanisms
  • Conducting pre-construction meetings
  • Conducting prevailing wage monitoring
  • Enforcing violation escalation procedures
  • Conducting apprentice monitoring
  • Performing jobsite interviews
  • Conducting LC training
  • Assisting in development of ECWP
  • Assisting in development of disadvantaged worker, local worker, and targeted worker programs
  • Developing policies and procedures for implementation of the ECWP
  • Recommending framework for community workforce development and business outreach
  • Providing general guidance and assist with CBA compliance, grievances, protests, and disputes
  • Monitoring contractor compliance with worker utilization goals