Access Services – DBE Consulting Services

Project Name: Access Services – DBE Consulting Services

Project Description: Access Services recently awarded GCAP its second five year contract to provide DBE consulting services

GCAP’s Role: GCAP provides comprehensive DBE services including the following:

  • Reviewing and updating DBE program documents
  • Developing and setting DBE goals in conformance with 49 CFR Part 26
  • Conducting DBE trainings
  • Maintaining DBE bidders list and database
  • Reviewing and updating contract specifications and forms
  • Performing DBE support services in the award, evaluation, and selection phases of procurement
  • Interfacing with FTA to satisfy requirements under 49 CFR Part 26
  • Maintaining DBE records management in accordance with FTA requirements
  • Performing monthly monitoring of prime payments received and sent using an online system
  • Monitoring prompt payment
  • Developing the Semi-Annual Uniform Report