City of Campbell – Labor Compliance Monitoring Services

Project Name: City of Campbell – On-Call Labor Compliance Monitoring Services

Project Description: The City of Campbell sought to execute one (1) on-call contract for labor compliance monitoring services for their federal, state and locally funded projects.

GCAP’s Role: GCAP was selected to act as the City’s on-call labor compliance monitoring contractor. Each time a new project is awarded, GCAP works with the City to determine the required amount of labor compliance monitoring based on the project scope. A task order is issued for the monitoring services on a project by project basis. GCAP’s labor compliance monitoring tasks include the following:

  • Conduct pre-construction labor compliance meetings
  • Provide one-on-one technical assistance to contractors and subcontractors
  • Review and audit of certified payroll
  • Contractor license verification
  • Review and verification of all required labor compliance forms
  • Conduct monthly job site audits and interviews
  • Apprentice monitoring
  • Monthly and annual reporting
  • Report prevailing wage violations
  • Project closeout tasks
  • Maintain audit-ready project file directory