Outreach Services

GCAP provides comprehensive outreach related services and works closely with key stakeholders to ensure effective outreach programs are developed and executed.  GCAP’s compliance related experience assures our clients that all regulatory and legal requirements are met, while providing a strategic approach to meet all desired outcomes.

The GCAP team is always keeping ahead of the curve in innovative technologies and methods to make outreach more simple and effective. Through the use of blogs, LinkedIn, Twitter, and pinpoint accurate e-mail marketing campaigns, our clients can be assured that their message is heard.

GCAP is constantly adapting to the clients’ audiences and needs. We offer tailored outreach services that range from boots-on-the-ground canvassing, customized databases, surveys, community information meetings, small business conferences, and booths at special events.

Whether its reaching out to business owners, small businesses, or community stakeholders, GCAP has developed structured yet flexible approaches to maximize stakeholder participation.