Diversity Management Business Supportive Services

The GCAP team has been a pioneer in providing clients with complete Supplier Diversity Program support for over a 15 years. Our team of subject matter experts has extensive experience assisting organizations in developing Small Business and DBE Programs, developing complete and effective strategic programs that include:

  • Overall strategic plans
  • DBE and small business goals
  • Subcontracting Plans for alternative delivery method solicitations
  • Solicitation language and evaluation criteria development
  • Assessment of SB/DBE availability and capabilities
  • Small business and DBE workshops, events, and conferences
  • Review of good faith effort (GFE) documentation.
  • Assessment and implementation of contract compliance systems
  • Training and other related tasks
  • Supplier Diversity Program development and maintenance
  • Certification program support – DBE. SBE, DVBE. MBE, WBE, etc.

GCAP provides turnkey solutions that incorporate tailored best practices.  We lead the way to streamline and improve the administration of DBE and small business programs. GCAP is the first California firm to develop a Blog specifically dedicated to DBE Compliance.   We are also the first to develop an online DBE training module for Caltrans and California local agencies.

GCAP has been selected by Caltrans to provide Statewide training, technical assistance, and business development support on three (3) separate DBE Supportive Services Program contracts.  GCAP also provides DBE and small business program support to several key transportation agencies in California.

GCAP is operating the Supplier Clearinghouse as a subcontractor to B2GNow.  GCAP is responsible for online and manual processing of MBE, WBE, LGBTE, and DVBE certification applications for the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC).

GCAP also provides DBE and SBE certification application processing support to the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro).

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