Business Solutions and Support

GCAP has successfully managed over 100 programs and projects for our clients since our inception. Our partnered approach allows GCAP to fully understand our clients’ organization, culture, priorities, needs, and requirements. Our subject matter experts are able to efficiently provide tailored solutions and oversight to ensure compliant processes and systems. Our Business Solutions and Support efforts include in the following categories:

  • Acquisition Support – Contracts and Procurement
  • Audit Support – Performance and Compliance Auditing
  • System Implementation & Support
  • Project Management
  • Process and System Assessment and Reengineering


Technology & Other Acquisition Support

GCAP provides contracts and procurement technology based solutions to many of our clients.  Working with our clients and partners, we have provided solutions and support for various compliance, contracts, and enterprise systems including the following:

  • Data entry staff to populate and maintain acquisition databases
  • Needed resources to “image” enable contract documents
  • Project Management to implement contract and compliance management systems, including B2GNow contract compliance system
  • Change Management support, including systems analysis, requirements planning, procedures development, training, and post implementation support.
  • Training activities through developing presentations and materials and in confirming and monitoring adherence to training requirements for acquisition staff